Gozo NGOs Association congratulates new Gozo Minister

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Gozo NGOs Association congratulates new Gozo MinisterThe Council of the Gozo NGOs Association has congratulated Dr Justyne Caruana on her recent appointment as the new Minister for Gozo.

In a statement the Council mentioned the work that Dr Caruana has carried out for the benefit of Gozo and Gozitans.

The Council added that her role and work over the past four years as Parliamentary Secretary augurs well for the coming years in her new position as Minister for Gozo.

The Council of the Gozo NGOs Association also said that it will be requesting a meeting with Minister Caruana in the near future to discuss various issues relating to the voluntary sector in Gozo.

The Gozo NGOs Association is an umbrella organisation holding a number of Gozitan NGOs. Its aim is to promote and give initiatives to local organisations.

Among the roles of the Association is to represent non-governmental organisations on the Gozo Regional Committee set up within the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development.

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    1 Response

    1. Revel Barker says:

      NGO = non-government organisation.
      How many of these “NGOs” actually receive money, grants, premises, and actual salaries from the government?
      Once they accept money from the government, they can hardly be called “non-government”. They rely totally on government support.
      They are supposedly there to press for rights – and change… from the government.
      They dare not criticise or challenge the government (whichever party), for fear that their government grants and support will stop.
      Time, perhaps, for a different and more honest set of initials.
      Or maybe time for most of them to disband, and start again, honestly.

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