MSPCA warns against excessive use of fireworks in feasts etc.

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MSPCA warns against excessive use of fireworksMSPCA has warned against the excessive use of fireworks in village feasts and public events, saying that animals can be seriously affected by excessively loud disturbances.

In a statement the MSPCA said that it received several complaints from tourists last year about the disturbances caused to animals by excessively loud fireworks in village feasts and public events where animals are displayed.

The Society added that it also handles several requests for help from owners of noise phobic dogs.

MSPCA said that it “encourages fireworks factories and organisation committees to start favouring silent fireworks whenever possible, which are garnering interest in other countries due to benefits to animals and children.”

The Society said that it also encourages breeders to expose young pets to random loud noises during their critical period; a practice recommended in The Puppy Plan to help habituate young dogs to human environment.

“Although animals that are born and raised during fireworks season tend to be habituated to the noise because they are exposed to it by default, the animals that have already developed noise phobias have very little chance of getting habituated to fireworks,” the Society said.

“It can be difficult to replicate fireworks in systemic desensitisation programs for pets. Recordings of fireworks can only replicate the noise and its randomness but falls short of helping the animals that are effected by the vibrations experienced due to the loudness of real fireworks,” Behaviour & Outreach Manager, Christian Pace commented.

He added that, “unfortunately, this often means they have to be medicated throughout the season to improve their welfare status, and that is only when the owner bothers to seek help.”

The Society concluded by saying that it would like to see authorities giving greater value to animal welfare when issuing permits for the use of fireworks in village feasts and public events.

Photograph by Alain Salvary


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