Chris Said appointed role of Gozo Affairs within Shadow Cabinet

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Chris Said appointed Gozo Affairs within the Shadow CabinetThe assignment of roles within the Nationalist Party Parliamentary Group have been announced today by the Leader of the Opposition.Simon Busuttil.

He has appointed the role of Gozo Affairs to Chris Said, with Frederick Azzopardi in the role of Education and Social Affairs in Gozo, as well as Deputy Whip.

In a statement, Simon Busuttil said that “as promised, I will ensure the proper functioning of both the party and the Opposition in order to ensure a smooth transition towards the new leadership in September.”

“In line with my commitment to ensure a fair level playing field in the upcoming leadership contest of the Nationalist Party I have decided to assign a role to each and every Member of Parliament in the Parliamentary Group.” he said.

Busuttil concluded by saying that, “the decisions I have taken today will ensure that from the opening of Parliament this Saturday, Nationalist Party will present a strong and effective Opposition both in the House of Representatives as well as outside it.”

Some of the key highlights are:

All MPs assigned roles of Spokespersons for a different area to shadow individual Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries in Government.

The Nationalist Party Parliamentary Group will discuss, on Friday, the decision of Partit Demokratiku that Marlene Farrugia MP and Godfrey Farrugia MP will form part of the Opposition Parliamentary Group.

Claudette Buttigieg will be nominated as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Beppe Fenech Adami will be nominated as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

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