Hand Postmark for inauguration of mosaic works at Ta’ Pinu

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Special Hand Postmark for inauguration of mosaic works at Ta' Pinu SanctuaryA special hand postmark has been issued for the occasion of the inauguration of the new mosaic works at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary in Gharb, Gozo. The Blessing and inauguration is taking place on Sunday evening.

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Gozo Bishop Mario Grech, in a letter to be read out in churches this weekend, has said that, “in the distant past, not all people could read and write. In order to help these persons to get to know the Word of God, the so-called the Bible of the poor” was created. This was a Bible with pictures that represented scenes from the life of Jesus.”

Bishop Grech said in the letter that “lately, mosaics produced by Centro Aletti of Rome representing the twenty mysteries of the Rosary were installed on the parvis of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu. These are more than an artistic work of great beauty because their creator is not just an artist but also a theologian. In fact, these mosaics exhibit a profound concept regarding the mystery of Jesus and Mary of Nazareth.”

“The paintings in churches were not made to decorate them but to help the people of God to know more about the life of the saints. It served as a visual catechesis much before modern means of communication were invented,” Bishop Grech said.

“The purpose of these mosaics at Ta’ Pinu is to help us meditate the life events of Jesus while we appreciate more the rosary prayer as a means of following in the steps of Jesus. I think that the project of these mosaics would be successful if, when we pause to appreciate them, we are struck by a desire to pray the rosary,” he said.

“For this reason, I invite you to meet on Sunday evening in front of the beloved Sanctuary of Ta’ Pinu for the inauguration and blessing of these mosaics, at 7.30pm.”

Bishop Grech also said that it is anticipated that Pope Francis will be sending a video message to mark the occasion.


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