The Alfred Mizzi Foundation comes to nature reserve’s rescue

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The Alfred Mizzi Foundation comes to nature reserve’s rescueFunds will be donated to Foresta 2000 following olive grove vandalism, with news that the Alfred Mizzi Foundation is coming to the nature reserve’s rescue.

Din l- Art Helwa and BirdLife Malta, in a joint statement has said that, a number of individuals and organisations offered their support in response to the recent vandalism that took place in Foresta 2000, when 36 Olive trees were sawed off in what they describe as “a deliberate attempt to dishearten the work done by them both.”

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation went a step further and has committed to help the two NGOs by financially supporting a number of works needed in this unique and diverse woodland.

Julian Sammut, trustee at The Alfred Mizzi Foundation said that it was “a shame to see the fruits of such hard work – much of it carried out on a voluntary basis – literally cut down.”

“Perpetrators of vandalism like this must know that for every bad deed there is good and that the Maltese society will stand up to such ignorant and harmful acts,” he said.

Sammut added that fortunately The Alfred Mizzi Foundation was in a position to back up its solidarity with financial assistance and when doing so, “it was supporting the protests of all civilised Maltese.”

Executive President Maria Grazia Cassar, o behalf of Din l-Art Helwa, thanked The Alfred Mizzi Foundation for their kind gesture and expressed the commitment of Din l-Art Helwa to continue striving in its mission towards a more cultural and environmental friendly society.

BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana, as well as thanking the the Alfred Mizzi Foundation for their dedication, reminded the general public that this nature reserve is open all year round and enjoyed by a number of families. “laces such as these are precious for the wellbeing of our society,” he said.

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