PD urges Authority to halt development work at Ghar Gherduf, Gozo

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PD urges Authority to halt development work at Ghar GherdufPartit Demokratiku has called on the Planning Authority and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage to stop the development in Ghar Gherduf, Kercem, Gozo, urging the Authority to issue an emergency conservation order in order to halt it.

PD, in a statement, expressed its support for Wirt Ghawdex who had also highlighted their concerns, and said that the development is “threatening the existence of the only Roman Catacombs to be found in Gozo.”

Partit Demokratiku also questioned the granting of the permit, since it said, concerns on Ghar Gherduf have been made earlier. “The Superintendence had already suggested that the area should be expropriated,” the PD said.

Partit Demokratiku asked “why was the permit was issued knowing that such heritage existed in the first place? Secondly why was it that only this specific permit was granted and two others refused?”

“Why is the Planning Authority turning a blind eye on our historical heritage when they knew that Ghar Gherduf is a Grade A scheduled site of archaeological and historic importance?” The PD asked.

Partit Demokratiku went on to say that it believes that in such cases the relevant authorities should intervene to protect national heritage and ensure public access.

“We cannot keep losing important heritage sites and natural environment due to bad planning laws and lack of vision for our islands when it comes to long sustainable planning,” concluded Partit Demokratiku.

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