Sculptor Mario Agius presents public sculpture in wood for the city of Beesel

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Sculptor Mario Agius presents public sculpture in wood for the city of BeeselGozitan Sculptor Mario Agius has just returned from Beesel in The Netherlands where he was invited to participate in an international sculpture symposium named ‘Houdt Kunst in Uitvoering.’

Agius created a public sculpture together with another 4 artists – Raimondas Urdravis from Lithuania, Andy O’Neil from the UK, Kathrin Hubi from Germany and Jos Beurskens from The Netherlands. The artists worked individually for ten consecutive days on a large oak trunk.

Agius’s work measured 2.6 metres in height and showed various iconographical symbols linked with St George interwoven in a semi abstract composition.

The symposium was about the link between St George and the folklore and history of the Beesel.

These five public sculptures were installed permanently in different public locations across the city of Beesel.

The presentation of the artworks was featured on numerous newspapers and RTV Roermond tv station.

This international event was organised by the ‘Huis Voor De Kunsten Limburg’ and curated by Eddy Thonon.

Mario Agius (b. 1956) has manifested a fond inclination to sculpture and design from his early years. He began his artistic studies under the late Mons. Michelangelo Apap and furthered his studies in wood sculpture under artist Anton Agius (1933-2008).

The artist has a number of sculptures in private collections both locally and abroad including England, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Fr Tony Sciberras, the ex-rector of the Sacred Heart Seminary in Gozo, during the opening of ‘Vitae’ exhibition in 2015, affirmed that, “within the art of Mario Agius, the creation of the new, the other – from that which is fragile, from materials lacking form and beauty – seems to be the central theme: the creation of the human figure from scattered rocks or formless branches; the formation of a new life in a woman’s fragile womb; the new life that emerges from that which has been broken, deprived of all human dignity and crucified. Mario Agius sees life even where you and I see only death.”

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