Days are numbered for Gozo’s only surviving early Christian Catacomb

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Days are numbered for Gozo’s only surviving early Christian CatacombGozitan NGO Wirt Ghawdex, in a statement this morning has said that, “the days are numbered for Ghar Gherduf, the Roman Catacombs in Kercem, Gozo, which are under serious threat from the development started in the area in front of the complex and in very close proximity.”

“Works have started on the excavation of foundation trenches for buildings which will be constructed in front of Gozo’s only surviving early Christian Catacomb thus obliterating forever this important landmark and historic site from public view,” the NGO said.

Wirt Ghawdex said that during the Development Application stage, it wrote to the Planning Authority (then MEPA) as well as to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, raising its objections to this development which, the NGO said, will destroy what remains of this unique site in Gozo.

The objections raised by Wirt Ghawdex have remained unheeded it said, “as development approval has been given the green light and works got underway in the last days.”

The NGO stated that it “deplores the fact that the authorities, who should be watchful for such occurrences not to happen, have turned a blind eye and condoned the destruction of this important site.”

It added that it “cannot understand how approval for such a development could be granted when Ghar Gherduf is a Grade A scheduled site of archaeological and historic importance.”

In conclusion, Wirt Ghawdex appealed to the Planning Authority and to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage “to stop with immediate effect, this development and take every possible action for the protection and preservation of this site.”

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    2 Responses

    1. george palmer says:

      Big fat brown envelopes filled with wonga must be flying around again. Another planning tragedy. It’s shameful.

    2. David Pritchard says:

      There is no need for this development it is purely speculative in that there are far too many partially completed and left empty developments within 1/4 mile of this site. It will be partially built and left empty for years! For what?
      There is no demand for it as can be seen by the number of existing empty shells in this and other areas.
      Once you destroy your heritage you can’t bring it back!

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