Nature Trust Malta appeal to keep our oceans rubbish-free

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Nature Trust Malta appeal to keep our oceans rubbish-freeNature Trust Malta is appealing to the public to keep our oceans rubbish-free. It said that a recent study predicts that by the year 2050, oceans will probably contain more plastic than fish unless the world takes radical action to stop rubbish leaking into the seas.

NTM is making the appeal to mark the occasion of World Environment Day which falls on the 5th of June every year.

With summer now upon us, NTM said that, “hundreds of people will be visiting our beaches daily or spend some time on a boat cruising around the islands. Besides marine litter being an eyesore along shorelines, it is also very harmful towards marine organisms.”

The most visible impact from marine debris is the entanglement of wildlife,” NTM commented. “Derelict fishing gear such as nets, ropes and line, as well as litter, such as packing bands, balloon string and six-pack rings can wrap around marine life,” it said.

NTM added that other impacts include the ingestion of marine debris which may be mistaken for food which may lead to loss of nutrition and also internal injuries, intestinal blockage, starvation and death.

Over the past years, NTM said that it has been rescuing and rehabilitating injured marine turtles, most of which have been affected by marine litter.

In its appeal NTM said that should any member of the public come across an injured turtle, they should not attempt to deal with it in person by cutting through fishing line or any entanglements, or removing any lodged debris such as a fishing hook.

It is important to please call the NTM Rescue Line on 99999505 or the ERA on 99210404.

Photo: Young loggerhead turtle rescued in December 2016 by NTM Wildlife Rescue Team after it was found entangled in a piece of net used in construction, carrier bags, two ropes and a very large tree branch. All these were around one of the back flippers which was the cause of a bad injury to this flipper.

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