The Nationalist Party has a clear plan for Gozo – Simon Busuttil

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The Nationalist Party has a clear plan for Gozo - Simon Busuttil“The Electoral Manifesto for Gozo is the true road map to a better quality of life for Gozitans.” This was stated by Leader of the Nationalist Party Simon Busuttil, during a press conference held today in front of the Gozo General Hospital.

Simon Busuttil said that question in the heart of ever Gozitan is that of the Gozo General Hospital. “Not only was it stolen from its people,” said the leader of the PN, ” it was also placed into the private sector under suspicious circumstances.”

He said that the call for applications for this hospital opened on the 27th of March 2015 and closed in less than two months, it was then awarded in June. “It cannot be,” said Simon Busuttil, ” that they had been selected fairly and transparently after such a short time, because they did not have enough time to make the necessary studies.”

Simon Busuttil went on to say that “today no one knows who the investors in the Gozo General Hospital are because they are hidden behind a complex structure of offshore companies registered in countries such as the British Virgin Islands.”

He stated that the promises made by Vitals Global Healthcare “are all empty, even though they have already taken € 80 million of our taxes.” He pointed out that the Barts Medical School had been due to open in September last year, “and it is still not completed.”

Dr Busuttil said that a new 250-bed hospital for medical tourism should also have been built. He also mentioned that work to add 200 beds for long-term care at the Gozo General Hospital was due to have been completed, “and today work on this has barely started.”

Similarly, said Simon Busuttil, “the promises made by the VGH for St. Luke’s and Karin Grech hospitals have not been kept.”

The Head of the Nationalist Party said a new government led by him would pledge to hand back the Gozo General Hospital to Gozitans. He said that this would be done immediately and be the first task of the Ministry for Gozo.

Simon Busuttil added that, together with this, they will publish all contracts between the Government and the VGH “so everyone will know what was signed on behalf of the public.”

He said that a new PN government “will respect the insistence of UHM and MAM for public contracts. A new Nationalist government would also embark on a project of modernisation of the Gozo General Hospital, through the use of European Funds.”

Dr Busuttil said that he would “guarantee full security to the employees at the GGH to keep their jobs.” He said that this also applies “to those who work with the VGH, and a new Nationalist government will give those workers the opportunity to return as government employees should they wish to do so.”

In addition to the “concrete steps on the health service,” the Head of the Nationalist Party also listed four other “significant pledges for Gozo.”

These he said are, “a permanent link between Malta and Gozo, pursuing the tunnel project. To also declare Gozo a dedicated region. To rebuild Gozo’s main arterial roads, and incentives for young families to stay and make their home in Gozo.”

This evening the Nationalist Party are holding a Mass Rally in Gozo, on Republic Street starting at 6.30pm.

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