AD reaffirms its position against spring hunting and trapping

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AD reaffirms its position against spring hunting and trappingAD spokespersons on Animal Welfare and Agriculture, Simon Galea said, “on the eve of each election both PL and PN promise anything under the stars in order to gain votes whilst claiming that they put national interest first and foremost.”

“Trying to please the hunting community includes defending unsustainable practices such as spring hunting and trapping which both are illegal under EU legislation.,” he said.

Galea stated, “this time round, both Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil took a step further since the first is promising to lower penalties pertaining to hunting infringements whilst Simon Busuttil is busy telling us about how proud he is that he voted in favour of more bird slaughter during the Spring hunting referendum, whilst at the same time it seems that he told some conservationists that he is in fact against spring hunting.’

He added, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, contrary to both, was always on the forefront in the struggle for nature protection and in favour of biodiversity and animal welfare. AD was always consistent in its position against trapping and against spring hunting. AD called for a referendum where it was joined by a number of environmental NGOs and individuals, since AD puts nature and animal welfare before votes.’

Professor Arnold Cassola AD Chairperson, concluded “in this day and age where the need of protecting what is left of nature is ever more important it is very sad to have leaders of both PL and PN stoop so low.”

“AD can guarantee its commitment on nature protection and animal welfare. Busuttil and Muscat falling over each other to appease the hunting lobby is yet another example of them appeasing strong and arrogant lobbies to the detriment of everyone else. I encourage the electorate to stop getting more of the same through wasting their vote on PN or PL and instead Vote Clean, Vote Green,” he said.

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