Bishop’s encourage people to vote responsibly and with their conscience

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Bishop's encourage people to vote responsibly and with their conscienceA Pastoral Letter for the upcoming General Election – Shouldering our Responsibity – has been issued today by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna and Bishop Mario Grech, encouraging everyone “to carry out their decision responsibly” and to “vote according to their conscience.”

The letter is shown in full below:

“Dear brothers and sisters, the General Election is an important event in the life of Maltese society. We will be choosing whom to trust with the leadership of our country for the coming years.

This great responsibility demands from us sound preparation so that we will be able to make an informed decision.

This responsibility also demands that we vote according to our conscience, which means that in front of God we recognise what is right and true, and therefore choose what is truly beneficial for the common good and for a just society. Our vote is an answer to this question: what kind of society do we want for ourselves and for future generations?

It is a responsibility that demands that we choose people of wisdom and integrity, who treasure and embrace the ethical values that we believe in. One supreme value is that of the protection of human life from its conception to its natural end, and the respect for the dignity of each person.

We encourage everyone to carry out their duty responsibly, and we pray that the light of the Holy Spirit will help us make a good decision. Let us pray that our words and actions be guided by a spirit of dialogue, with deep respect for truth and for each other, including those persons who hold different opinions from our own.

We impart upon you our Pastoral Blessing.”

+ Charles J. Scicluna, Archbishop of Malta

+ Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo.

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