Rajtek Tinbidel: History of Xewkija village over the last half century

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Rajtek Tinbidel: History of Xewkija village over the last half centuryNext weekend – Rajtek Tinbidel – an original musical by Ghaqda Drama Xewkija, will be presented live in the Xewkija Rotunda, Gozo, under patronage of President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

With lyrics by Mario Borg, composed by Jeffrey and Julie Thomas, and produced by John Attard, who is also the script writer, the musical will tell the wonderful history of the village over the last half a century, from the completion of the construction phase of the Rotunda, right up to the present day with the inauguration of the new pipe-organ.

Rajtek Tinbidel comprises nineteen musical numbers which cover the major events that took place during this period.

Lasting just over ninety minutes, the musical flows effortlessly between time periods, drama and music merging beautifully and naturally into each other, the organisers said.

They added that the original music is a mixture of pastiche intertwined with original compositions reflecting in a most natural way, the mood of every scene. With joyful moments as well as tragic ones; there are scenes from village life, some humour, and even a waltz.

The musical is in Maltese, however, there will be sub-titles in English to make the story understandable to all visitors.

“A masterpiece in Maltese stone,” is how the Xewkija Rotunda is described by many, and indeed it is, the organisers said. This building, along with never-seen-before photographs and films projected on a large screen, special effects, costumes and a twenty-piece orchestra, led by Maestro Anthony Borg, will be used to create a magical setting that will take the audience back in time to the very core of the events being covered.

“This production will exalt the main past protagonists of Xewkija, their sacrifices, and at times, their heroic acts, giving them deserved recognition. The story of a village, in the heart of Gozo, that with hard work, determination, love and faith, chiselled the island’s skyline forever.”

Rajtek Tinbidel is being performed on Friday, the 19th and Saturday, the 20th of May, starting at 8:30pm to 11:00pm.

Entrance is free and seats can be reserved by calling on 79069710 or 79301954 or send an email on rajtektinbidel@yahoo.com

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