Din l-Art Helwa calls for political parties to prioritise the environment

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Din l-Art Helwa urges political parties to prioritise the environmentDin l-Art Helwa has urged all political parties to prioritise the environmental future of the country, in regard to the upcoming elections.

“Whilst politicians and political parties enter and exit the political stage, the loss of heritage or natural environment is permanent, the NGO said.

In a statement this morning DLH said that “in the past 4 years Malta has continued to experience the environment being pillaged to accommodate speculators; whilst the political slogan of “Business First” garnered favour amongst developers and speculators, the results upon our entire country are tangible and devastating.”

“There is not adequate control over development by the Planning Authority, the environmental NGO stated, “while protecting our environment – policy reforms have been introduced which give speculators an almost free hand.”

It added that, with “the demerger of the environment from planning it has weakened the voice of both our environmental and heritage authorities giving them little power to stop development.”

“They have not been given the proper tools to act as guardians of our natural and cultural heritage,” DLH added.

The NGO pointed out that areas of outstanding natural beauty have been sacrificed to development such as Zonqor Point. “We are fighting to retain our historical skylines, in an attempt to persuade the government to refrain from simply pushing forward with tall buildings at any cost,” it said.

Din l-Art Helwa said that it urges all political parties to “consider the effects of their pledges upon the future of this tiny country where every square mile of land, rural or urban, is of extreme importance to our lives and future generations.”

“We call for a renewed overhaul of recent policies and a serious attempt at curbing excessive development, and protecting our urban and natural heritage for this and future generations,” said the eNGO.

It went on to say that construction should be channelled into rehabilitation and renewal, which can be advantageous to all while protecting the environment.

Din l-Art Helwa concluded by saying, “primarily, we again request the study and publication of a detailed National Strategy Plan, which gives a detailed understanding and vision of where Malta should be in 20 and 50 years time.”

To view the full list of Din l-Art Helwa’s recommendations to a future government, please see here.

Din l-Art Helwa said that it will be joining the coalition of eNGo’s in putting forward its proposals regarding the environment.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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