Gozo will have a sustainable economy based on job creation – PM

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Gozo will have a sustainable economy based on job creation - PM“Gozo is at the crossroads to choose the future needed for this island. Choosing between PN, which is proposing to pay grants to entice people to go to Gozo, and the Labour Party, which wants people to pay to go to Gozo. The Labour Party wants to create a sustainable economy based on job creation, not an artificial economy.”

This was the message of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat during his address at a political activity on Saturday evening in St Augustine’s Square, Victoria, Gozo.

According to the Prime Minister, “if the Labour Party regains the trust of the electorate, Gozo will be born again in the coming period. A new Labour Government will ensure that work is undertaken in Gozo. The economy will continue to grow and property will continue to increase in value. Gozo will become the envy of Europe with the investment that will be carried out,” he said.

The Prime Minister spoke about the criticism by Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil over the construction of a new hospital. The Prime Minister reiterated that the Gozo hospital will be better than that of Malta and that the hospital staff’s employment with the Government is guaranteed.

“This investment will be generating a lot of money into the economy. More property rentals more people that live here, work here and spend their money here, so going directly into the pockets of Gozo,” said Joseph Muscat.

He added that the Labour Party will be launching in the coming period its processes that are priorities for Gozo, They will continue to build on what has already been achieved, such as attracting international film makers and the influx of tourists during the low season, Dr Muscat said.

The Prime Minister made a personal pledge to create more employment in Gozo. He said that a key priority will be given to the way people will be crossing between Malta and Gozo. “A fast ferry service between Mgarr and Valletta is to be introduced, and the preparation for the construction of a tunnel between Malta and Gozo will soon be launched.”

“Gozo will also be benefiting from the first priorities put forward by the Labour Party in the first week of the election campaign that will be enjoyed by everyone. The workers will be given back to them holidays stolen over 10 years ago.” said the Prime Minister.

“Families will receive help to buy homes or invest in a second property. Pensioners will have an increase of € 8 per week. € 700 million will be invested in and completed over a period of 7 years to surface all roads in Malta and Gozo,” reiterated Muscat.

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      I don’t really want to get “political” on this website, but where have they been for Gozo since the last election?

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