Justyne Caruana inaugurates Gharb night shelter foundation stone

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Justyne Caruana inaugurates foundation stone for Gharb night shelterParliamentary Secretary Dr Justyne Caruana has inaugurated the Foundation stone for a new night shelter project for the elderly in Gharb.

The night shelter has been made possible through an agreement reached last June between the Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Active Ageing, the Local Council and the Visitation Band Committee.

The Parliamentary Secretary said how this project is an important asset, not only because it will strengthen and implement the active ageing strategy, but also because of social value, as the night shelter will serve as a refuge for those elderly who are alone and want the comfort and assistance of an overnight service.

Dr Caruana explained that due to repeated requests by the residents of  Gharb and even villages nearby, the Secretariat felt that the locality with its population becoming increasingly elderly, deserved to have a night shelter.

Apart from its function of night shelter, Justyne Caruana said that it will also be used for day services, for which it will provide activities related to the Lifelong Learning Programme as well as other services related to care of the elderly within the community.

Dr Caruana concluded by thanking everyone who has been instrumental in the completion of this project, including Mayor David Apap Agius, the local Council and the Band for their commitment to this project in aid of the Gharb community.

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