Gozo students left at Mgarr as ferry used for Mass Meeting supporters

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Gozo students left waiting at Mgarr as ferry used for Mass Meeting supportersOn Monday’s Public Holiday, the Gozo University Group said that “students were left waiting for many hours at Mgarr, due to the fact that only two ferries were working – the third ferry was allocated to supporters who were planning to attend the Mass Meetings in Malta.”

The GUG said that it was “extremely disappointed that when the majority of students were commuting from Gozo to Malta, in order to be able to attend lectures in the morning, they were left stranded at Mgarr Gozo. This behaviour is unacceptable.”

The Group stated that, “we, Gozitans may understand that every weekend we have to spend an hour or more in the queue in order to board the ferry, because there are too many cars, but seriously, allocating a ferry only to those who will be attending the mass meeting?”

“Leaving behind students and employees who need to go to Malta for work/school?” GUG asked, “is this the importance political parties gives to us Gozitans?”

“Is this the approach political parties will take in order to facilitate the life of the Gozitans?” The Gozo University Group added that it expects the Government to “facilitate the life of the Gozitans and not be an obstacle for students.”

“GUG appeals to both political parties to take into consideration the best interest of the citizens, best interest of us Gozitans before taking any action which may negatively effects our routine,” it concluded.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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