Remembering Mgr John B. Gauci, Cathedral Archdeacon

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he inauguration of an Art Exhibition by the Italian artist and sculptor, Carlo Pisi (1897-1979). The event will take place as follows:  Date: Friday 28th April 2017  Time: 19.30hrs  Place: Banca Giuratale, Independence Square, Victoria, Gozo  Carlo Pisi The Italian sculptor and decorator Carlo Pisi (1897-1979) inspired a number of local church patrons and his works are found in prominent church places. His artistic oeuvre draws on the classical aesthetic.  For instance, at St. George’s Church, he also made the main altar and modelled the bronze baldacchino that adorns it on the design of Bernini‘s in St.Peter‘s, Rome, though on a smaller scale.  Photographs: MGOZ/George ScerriRemembering Mgr John B. Gauci, Cathedral Archdeacon (21.2.1938-29.4.2017) – by Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard.

“As the Cathedral Parish (Gozo) was commemorating the 61st anniversary since the artistic statue of the Assumption was donated to its parish church (1956-2017), the news of the passing of Mgr John Bosco Gauci, Archdeacon of the Gozo Cathedral Church and ex-Vicar General of the diocese, was published on the diocese’s Whats Up.

It seemed as if the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed into Heaven had opened her arms and recalled one of her most beloved sons on a special commemorative day! I last spoke to Mgr Gauci on Easter Sunday on the 16th of April when I visited him in his own home in Sabina Square in Victoria.

Next to him was his dedicated friend for many years Ms Maria Zammit who cared for him in the best of ways as he went through a relatively long period of illness which he bore with great courage.

Although burdened with affliction and limited to his wheelchair, we managed to have a short, lively conversation during which I recalled the hilarious time we had when he was my Canon Law lecturer at the Sacred Heart Seminary.

Mgr. Gauci was one of my favourite lecturers in seminary due to his affable character and sense of humour. I remember how I used to look forward to his lessons; he was in many ways a paternal figure. Dun Gwann, as he was affectionately known, lectured in liturgy and canon law at our diocesan seminary for more than forty years.

During his time as archdeacon of the Cathedral Chapter, he reinvigorated the Chapter and served the Cathedral Church of Gozo with zeal and vigour. He also served the diocese as Vicar General for many years. He was practically the late Bishop Cauchi’s right hand man for decades.

Mgr Gauci was always ready to give a good counsel and was truly approachable; his life revolved around the Diocesan Curia, the Cathedral Church, the Sabina Church of Perpetual Adoration and his house across the square. The Eucharist played a central role in his spiritual life, as his publications can attest.

I will always remember him as the priest with a smile who was ready to listen and give advice. I extend my sympathies to his brother Mgr Guzeppi Gauci, his sister Tarcisja and his many nephews and nieces among which I would like to mention his three nephews in the Church, Mgr. Dr. Joseph Vella Gauci, Rev. Victor Vella and Rev. John Mejlak. May the Lord grant him eternal rest!”

Fr Geoffrey G Attard,


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