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The Commissioner for ChildrenThe Commissioner for Children is concerned by the negative impact of a number of local television programmes which portray children in a harmful or inappropriate manner.

A number of television programmes encourage children to participate in age inappropriate behaviour. Other series broadcast on local channels exploit the vulnerability of certain sectors of the child population with an ensuing negative impact on their well being.

My Office has received numerous complaints relating to this issue demanding the withdrawal of certain programmes and a more sensitive conscience in the production and/ or promotion of others. It would appear that not all parents are equally aware of the repercussions which the encouragement of precocious behaviour may have on their children. Furthermore not all producers are attuned to the impact their choice of subject matter may have on vulnerable adolescents.

The Commissioner for Children calls on the authorities concerned and all those who have children’s best interests at heart to take immediate action in addressing this situation.

Carmen Zammit

Commissioner for Children

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