Opposition Leader wants to “turn the clock back in Gozo health sector”

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Opposition Leader wants to "turn the clock back in Gozo health sector"Health Minister Chris Fearne and Labour MP Franco Mercieca, in a press conference this afternoon, stated that Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil wanted to “turn the clock back in the health sector for Gozo.”

They were referring to yesterday’s comments by Simon Busuttil during a political activity in Sannat, when he said that the Gozo Hospital should not have been privatised, and that under “a PN Government it would give the people of Gozo their public hospital back.”

Health Minister Chris Fearne said that the Government found the hospital in Gozo “like that of a third world county” and today it is clear that the Leader of the Opposition would like to return to that state.

Dr Fearne explained how the Government, together with Vitalis group will be building a hospital of 350 beds, with rehabilitation beds, a Health Centre to offer primary care, five operating theatres, a larger hyperbaric unit a new dispensary, new ITU and ICU, a PET Scan, new imaging department and an Air Ambulance service.

The Minister also said that Gozo will be a learning centre through the Barts medical school, which will be bringing in € 4 million a year into the Maltese economy, there will be the medical tourism sector, where, while Gozitans and Maltese receive free care, foreigners will be paying to receive medical care, bringing millions of euros into the economy.

Dr Fearne mentioned that hospital workers in Gozo will remain with the Government and enjoy all existing agreements and benefits.

Labour MP Franco Mercieca said that Gozo patients used to have to travel to Malta for chemotherapy, however that service is now provided in Gozo. He added that the Government has also introduced a number of consultants in several areas including in the Emergency Department, which was previously unknown.

Franco Mercieca asked if Simon Busuttil wants to turn the back, “will he stop the chemotherapy service, will he send consultants back and will he send the 60 nurses back that have been transferred to Gozo?”

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