FAA announces new young team – Astrid Vella moving overseas

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FAA announces new young team - Astrid Vella moving overseasDuring Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar’s Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday evening, the NGO announced recent major changes made within the NGO in response, it said, to all that is happening in the environment and heritage situation in Malta.

FAA said that, as it enters its second decade and as part of its natural growth and strategic development, it has been working on building a young, dynamic and energised team to forge a sustainable future for the NGO and take its work to the next level.

The new team has been in place for some time, working closely with current FAA Coordinator Astrid Vella, who will shortly be moving overseas. The NGO said that the new team benefits from Ms Vella’s experience, while also bringing a youthful and professional energy to FAA.

FAA said that the team is driven by the aims of the organisation to “promote better management of, use of, and awareness of the environment and heritage of the Maltese Islands and their impact on the quality of life of all residents – individuals, households, businesses and communities.”

Heritage and environment NGO Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA), said that “with so many new planning policies being conceived and systematically manipulated to favour development on a scale that threatens to rob us not only of our architectural heritage gems, but also of our health.”

FAA stated that over the past year it has seen “the travesty of the Townsquare permit and the approval of the Mriehel high-rise project in spite of the fact that Mriehel was included in the FAR tall buildings zones after the policy consultation was concluded.”

The NGO added that it is appealing both permits at the Planning Tribunal, “but the onslaught on our urban conservation areas continues unabated, with a record number of applications granted in the so-called Out of Development Zone (countryside).”

FAA continued by saying that it “has witnessed public officials whose salaries are paid through public taxes, lie and dodge responsibility in an obscene and blatant manner and a flood of applications that are often approved even though they contravene policy or law. Even though they impinge on our right to a healthy environment.”

“Truly we have gone from the frying-pan into the volcano,” stated FAA Coordinator Astrid Vella.

The NGO said that it has also launched a revamped brand identity to represent a younger, fresher FAA.

FAA’s Perit Tara Cassar commented, “this new branding will appeal to professional and creative young people, students, business leaders and families, but does not shed the qualities and history that led us here.”

Cassar added, “the colours chosen reflect the natural and built environment of the Maltese islands with the outline of the Valletta skyline standing as an iconic standard-bearer for the beauty and heritage of our islands, and a pertinent reminder of precisely what is at risk in the coming years.”

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    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      I have been saying for years that Astrid should pack in FAA and enjoy her life. Astrid Vella and FAA have did so much for the Maltese islands, and because of that she has made enemies on both sides of the political divide. Look at it this way, if everyone in Malta loved Astrid it would mean she hadn’t been doing her job properly. As a tourist I thank you Astrid for all you have achieved for a country that I love and for giving us the lasting legacy that is a new young FAA team. Have fun in your new life abroad and enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it.

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