Poacher caught with loaded shotgun, clap-net and bird caller – CABS

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Poacher caught with loaded shotgun, clap-net and bird caller - CABSThe Committee Against Slaughter (CABS) has said that a poacher has been caught re-handed by police with loaded shotgun, active clap-net and illegal bird caller.

In a statement, CABS said that the poacher is faced with a severe sentence after the police are investigating him for illegal hunting, illegal trapping and using an illegal bird caller in a walled compound west of Siggiewi on Monday.

CABS said that it had filmed the trapper in the act Monday afternoon after monitoring his trapping site for a couple of days.

It reported the case to the Police and CABS said that officers of the ALE arrived at the site within 20 minutes and were able to surprise the poacher before he could remove his shotgun and other evidence.

“The weapon, ammunition, the net and an electronic bird caller were confiscated. The ALE reacted very fast and did a brilliant job. We expect the poacher to lose his hunting and trapping licence,” CABS Wildlife Crime Officer Burrows said.

CABS said that, “the trapping site was one of the biggest illegal trapping installations ever dismantled on Malta with two 40-meters-long clap nets and several artificial ponds to attract waders and other waterbirds. It was set up in the countryside between Siggiewi and Girgenti.”

The Organisation said that the man is the 10th poacher it has filmed after the hunting season ended 12 days ago.

CABS photos Siggiewi poacher removing his net after being ordered by the police to dismantle his installation and insert photo of a Wood Sandpiper

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    1. george palmer says:

      I expect he will get a sentence and a 1 euro fine.

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