Maltese “very positive” about the EU and what it stands for – Survey

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Maltese "very positive" about the EU and what it stands for - SurveyThe National Report of the latest Standard Eurobarometer Survey (EB86), has recently been published by the European Commission Representation in Malta.

This National Report outlines the main findings of the survey that was carried out in November last year, when a total of 515 face-to-face interviews were conducted.

Topics covered includes both personal and economic issues as well as the perception of respondents regarding the priorities of the European Commission.

“This wave of the Eurobarometer has shown once more that respondents in Malta are very positive about the EU and what the EU stands for,” the Commission said. “Moreover, the strong performance of the economy encourages Maltese citizens to look more positively at their personal situation.”

It pointed out that the survey shows there is evidently a concern about the environment in relation to energy issues as well as migration from outside the EU.

According to the survey 94% of respondents in Malta are generally satisfied with the life they lead and 41% of respondents in Malta expect their life to get better in the next twelve months.

It found that just over two out of three respondents (67%) claimed their personal job situation to be positive. In terms of expectations, 24% of respondents in Malta said that they expect their personal job situation to get better in the next twelve months.

European Commission Representation in Malta said that survey results show that the financial situation of the household has been described as “good by 82% of respondents in Malta and expectations for the future are more positive than negative.”

The survey noted that Maltese respondents are generally among the highest supporters of the priorities of the European Commission and the initiatives taken. “A case in point is the support to the Common Energy Policy where 80% of the Maltese respondents expressed support, compared to 73% EU Average. The Digital Single Market is another priority with wide support at 68% compared to 59% EU Average,” the Commission Representation in Malta said.

“In the EB86 there is a continuation in the downward trend in the level of support of the European Policy on migration where 70% of respondents declared themselves to be in favour when it stood at 75% in 2015. The current level of support in Malta is similar to that across the whole of the EU, where it stands at 69%.”

The European Commission Representation in Malta noted that in 2016, “the Maltese economy continued to perform well with strong growth in the gross domestic product and in employment. The positive economic performance is likely to have had an impact on the responses of participants.”

The full survey results for Malta are available for download here.

The table above shows information on percentage of respondents who stated they are in favour of selected initiatives.


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    1. Paul says:

      Might have something to do with Malta receiving over 3 times out of EU Budget than it pays in. I would feel positive with that arrangement!

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