Coordinates: Art exhibition by Vince Caruana opens in Victoria

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Coordinates: Art exhibition by Vince Caruana opens in VictoriaContemporary artist Vince Caruana, has returned to Gozo for his sixth showcase entitled Coordinates, at the Art e Gallery, Victoria.

His work on exhibition plays with shapes and curves where one wouldn’t actually expect it, in a vivid palette of popping colours.

Coordinates, referring to a set of numbers used to indicate the exact location of a place, hints at the several Gozitan and Maltese landscapes, the artist has visually interpreted in his series of very recent works.

The artist said that he seeks to engage his viewers of art through the strong, super-enriched colours, light and geometric look-alike forms. His works are often described as realistic and illusive at the same time.

The exhibition organisers said that “one can clearly make out the land, the sea, the buildings, yet it seems like they are being transformed into abstract forms before the eyes. Looking at his paintings, one gets the feeling that is somehow flowing and alive.”

Caruana explained “broad washes of translucent pigment often forge geometric forms and spaces to convey a seemingly floating image despite its underlying realism. The strong palette of colours and the dynamic interplay of overlaying transparent layers create an almost spiritual light in my paintings, as if to evoke my intimate relationship between spirituality and artistic expression.”

The exhibition was officially opened on Saturday evening by the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo, and was addressed by Art Critic, Mr. Joe Camilleri. The exhibition runs until the 5th of May at Art e Gallery in Victoria, Gozo.

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