Illegalities are jeopardising the future of traditional trapping – FKNK

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Illegalities are jeopardising the future of traditional trapping - FKNKThe Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FKNK) has said that “those who are trapping in the closed season are their own worst enemies.”

“The FKNK will not tolerate, or defend, those who are willing to commit such illegalities at the expense of trappers are are true members,” it said.

“Such trappers are also seriously jeopardising the future of traditional trapping for song birds and golden plovers for all Gozitan and Maltese trappers,” said the FKNK.

The FKNK stated that, “these illegalities were also fuelling the fire of those groups who want to abolish trapping on the islands once and for all. Moreover, they are using such instances as a tool to impress the European Court of Justice, which is currently deliberating to reach a verdict in the case made by the European Commission against Malta to actually abolish trapping on the Maltese islands.”

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    2 Responses

    1. george palmer says:

      Same old, same old. The usual rhetoric from the Neanderthals. Everyone knows they look after their own. It’s about time the whole disgusting business is shut down for good.

    2. Jane Muscat says:

      It makes me weep that this is still going on, WHY CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS WRONG? Please tell me why we can’t we ban it immediately and educate this population of “hunters” realise how barbaric and needless this appalling hobby is and have the islands properley policed to prevent this stupid “sport” from happening. There is no deterrent whatsoever and the mentality of these people is such that they will never stop unless serious consequences of continuing is a real threat to them.

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