Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through Education

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Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through EducationThe newly formed network of educational institutions in the further education sector headed by College Principal Mr Victor Galea, hosted 40 delegates from 11 different towns in Europe for the fourth transnational EASY TOWNS event which took place in Gozo during 22nd – 25th March.

EASY TOWNS, an acronym which stands for European Accessible Sustainable Young TOWNS, is a project funded by the European Programme “Europe for Citizens.”

Participants, mainly from municipalities in Italy, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, N. Ireland and Croatia joined forces with local educators and NGOs and shared good practices on how each worked with young people to address issues related to themes of immigration, multiculturalism and integration, through innovative approaches.
Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through EducationUltimately this transnational project contributed to foster European citizenship by supporting citizens’ involvement in the debate and the policy-making process regarding diversity.
Youth have been selected as the strategic category of citizens to work with. Indeed, young students attending the Govanni Curmi Higher Secondary in Naxxar shared with the delegates how they formed a Diversity Team with the aim to celebrate all forms of diversity in society. Their Head of School, Mr Gaetano Calleja explained how diversity is central to the school ethos and how this is enshrined in the school’s Diversity and Equality Policy.
Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through EducationOn the other hand, Gozitan Arts Teacher Mr George-James Cutajar showed how students from state schools in Gozo were invited to express visually their feelings, needs, requirements and suggestions on the topic of diversity.

These drawings were then put together in a collage and a sticker was created depicting all the entries. This sticker has now been installed on the Education Bus depicting the words: “Celebrating Diversity.”
Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through EducationGharb Mayor Mr David Apap Agius gave some practical examples on how his locality works towards integrating ‘foreigners’ with the locals living in his village.
Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through Education“The highlight of this transnational meeting was the courtesy visit to H.E. the President of Malta at the San Anton Palace,” said College Principal Mr Galea. “Our President was very clear in her message to us and the delegates: Let’s keep working with our young people in order to ensure safe environments and peace in our towns.”Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through Education

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    1. anthony zammit says:

      ‘I Love Gozo’ Keep it up all of you. Never get disheartened. Dear President, thank you for your non-stop backing to all, especially to the young generation, to generate safe environments and tranquility in our towns.

      As for the first photo taken on the Cathedral steps, it sparked a little bit of an ill feeling for this morning I happened to be with two close Catholic friends who happened to be foreigners. They knelt down and spent a couple of minutes reciting some personal prayers both at St Francis Church and at San George’s Basilica and then they walked around to admire the gold and paintings in both churches and commented about the generosity of our parents who must have paid for all this! They couldn’t repeat this religious duty of the signing of the cross and prayer at the Cathedral as they did at the other churches because they felt that it was wrong to have to pay to do so. When I told them that there is a Museum to see they had no interest to see old things. All they wanted to do is say a prayer for their folks in a historical place like the Citadel, so they neared the front door and prayed there. I said it is the same God, but they felt a little bit offended. I told them that they could go into any other church in Gozo and that they do not have to pay to pray, so off they went to see our beautiful Gozo and thank the Lord in His beautiful, much-adorned Temples our forefathers built so that All Generations of all Colour could congregate and pray and thank the Lord for his abundant Grace.

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