l-Istrina GreenPak awards 2016 winners, including San Lawrenz Primary

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l-Istrina GreenPak awards 2016 winners, including San Lawrenz PrimaryCollecting plastic caps of bottled water, soft drinks, jerry cans, detergent bottles and other plastic tops is a relatively easy way how one can generate more money for l-Istrina 2017. The plastic caps collected can be dropped off at the nearest school or where the ‘Nirricikla ghall-Istrina sticker is displayed at establishments in one’s respective locality.

This was stated by the President of the GreenPak Coop Mr Victor Galea during the launch of its yearly successful campaign ‘Nirricikla ghall-Istrina-Istrina 2017.’

He said: “In 2011, GreenPak Coop Society started an innovative educational campaign, encouraging school children to collect plastic caps for recycling. Today this initiative became a nationwide programme, a testimony that the public takes action to recycling correctly and at the same time help to turn caps into funds for charity.”

During last year’s l-Istrina, GreenPak presented a cheque of €20,000 to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. Almost 43 tonnes, which is equivalent to over 14 million bottle plastic caps, were collected for recycling in 2016. These were collected from 144 schools, and 52 other entities including scout groups, social organisations, clubs, companies and Local Councils.

Five schools namely: Gozo College San Lawrenz Primary, Gozo, St Francis School St Paul’s Bay, Helen Keller Resource Centre, St Benedict College Hal Ghaxaq Primary School and the San Gorg Preca College Valletta Primary were awarded with a trophy at San Anton Palace in the presence of President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and The Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, José Herrera.

In addition, the St Benedict College Hal Ghaxaq Primary School has also received an official certificate from the Malta Records organisation in recognition for collecting the highest total amount of plastic caps for 5 consecutive years.

In total, over the past five years, the students managed to collect 9,414 kg of plastic caps. GreenPak also received a certificate from Malta Records in recognition for collecting the largest amount of plastic caps ever collected from the Maltese Islands.

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca praised GreenPak’s yearly initiative which drives more recycling of plastics, helps to protect the environment, and at the same time raises funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

She also presented a certificate to the BOV Centre and to the Zurrieq Local Council for collecting the highest amount of plastic caps in last year’s campaign, from amongst the registered companies and Local Councils, respectively.

“Today is a celebration involving our children and our young people at schools. It is a strong statement of what is happening in our society where children and young people are much more aware of the environment. They feel the need of being active and not passive, in order to help the environment and not let it deteriorate. It is also a statement that this initiative, part of which is new, is no longer associated with schools only, but also associated with the industry. This means that if the industry fully participates, from an environmental point of view it would be truly effective for the benefit of our environment. I would like to strengthen this synergy, so that altogether we take care of our environment effectively, and through this initiative we help those in need,” said the President.

Last year GreenPak introduced businesses and social organisations to the scheme. Interested schools, companies, establishments and social organisations can register with GreenPak by emailing charlene@greenpak.com.mt or online www.greenpak.com.mt/istrina-caps-campaign

A registration fee applies which will go towards the charity fund. GreenPak provides the businesses/organisations with free sacks and collection services. Each registered establishment will be identified by a ‘Nirricikla ghall-Istrina-Istrina’ sticker and their clients can drop-off their plastic caps at their premises for recycling.

Photo: Gozo College San Lawrenz Primary receiving the GreenPak’s trophy for collecting the highest amount of plastic caps per student from among the 144 schools. (from left) teacher Marcelle Cassar, Minister José Herrera, student Alice Hayward, President Marie-Louise Coleiro-Preca, and GreenPak Coop President Victor Galea

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