531 travelled by bus for free in January and February

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531 travelled by bus for free in January and FebruaryDuring the first two months from the introduction of the scheme for anyone who turns 18 in 2017 can travel by bus for free for a year, 531 passengers travelled for free in Gozo and Malta. The scheme was launched to encourage young people travel by bus.

Transport Malta said that in January 2017, 277 passengers benefitted from the scheme, that is, 64% of 18 year olds in possession of the Tallinja card. During February, the number of passengers benefitting from the scheme went up to 531, meaning 71% of eligible passengers to travel for free.

TM added that the increase noted in February was not limited to the number of persons benefitting from the scheme but also in the average number of trips per passenger. During January, commuters who benefitted from the scheme made an average of just under 20 trips. The average number of trips in February increased to 24.

The scheme applies for any type of personalised tallinja card and starts on the client’s 18th birthday and ends exactly before his or her 19th. Any individual can benefit up to a maximum of €312 in credit refunds during the year.

Credit is being refunded for all types of routes and trips offered by Malta Public Transport; including day trips, night trips and special routes up to a maximum of €312.00.

More details are available by visiting news.transport.gov.mt or calling 80072309.

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