95% of residents making use of OASI services are residents from Malta

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205 persons with an addiction problem were assisted by the Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit of the OASI Foundation, during 2016. The Foundation said that 64 of these clients benefitted from a residential programme and collectively made use of 2,568 bed nights,

It said that 95% of the residents making use of the OASI services are residents from Malta. The rest come from Gozo.

The OASI Residential Addiction Treatment Programme is a very intensive one based on the 12 Steps of AA, tailored for local needs on the Minnesota Model.

This treatment method comprises an intensive residential therapy period of 8 weeks to 12 weeks, according to the individual’s requirement, followed by a tapering aftercare support on outpatient basis.

Besides residential treatment, OASI said that it offers also the same 12 Steps therapeutic programme to clients on outpatients basis, through which persons who, for various reasons may not be able to attend a residential programme, like residents from Gozo who have a good family support, mothers with young children or pregnant women.

The Foundation said that last year, 141 clients benefitted from this outpatient services which included session related to Outreach, Motivation, Continued Care and Aftercare.

Besides the treatment given to addicted clients, the programme offer also individual and family group sessions on a weekly basis to family members and other persons significant to the clients in treatment.

OASI added that the latter service has the objective of helping people related to the clients in treatment to improve their understanding of addiction, to release their tension and frustrations and thus expectantly prepare them to provide a better quality of support to their loved ones once they leave treatment and start their social re-integration towards continued recovery.

This information was reported during the Annual General Meeting of the OASI Foundation, held last Sunday.

For OASI this was the 2nd Annual General Meeting after that it had registered a new statute for the organisation that will assist it to manage its mission better in the present and future social conditions.

OASI Foundation was instituted on the 26th June 1991. OASI’s social project was constructed gradually around three central fundamentals: preventive education, effective intervention and intensive therapeutic treatment for recovery.

Over these 25 years of work in the community, OASI continued to grow and renew itself. In the beginning most of its services were only offered to Gozo residents, but in November 1998 a Residential Treatment Unit was opened and all treatment services were opened on a national basis. OASI Foundation’s services are not limited to treatment of addiction only.

OASI explained that they include investment in awareness within the community through Primary Prevention interventions. These focus on educational sessions in State and Church schools in Gozo wherein last year the OASI Staff met with 1,429 students in Gozo Primary and 674 in the Gozo Secondary Schools.

Other sessions were held with students at Sir M.A Refalo Centre for Further Studies, the MCAST and with University Students, besides interventions held on local community level with Youth Groups, Adults and Educators.

Other activities in the community included 100 interventions on local and national radios and television stations, the distribution of OASI.kom magazine published twice a year with 10,500 copies per issue distributed to all households in Gozo; the OASI Cup Run held in October; the OASI Day Celebrations to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its foundation day on the 26th June; a National Conference on “The outcomes of the new law regarding drugs – a year after” was held in April at Verdala Palace under the auspices of the President of the Republic; a study workshop in July, for Maltese and Gozitan professionals in the field of addiction and health care, was held on the invitation of OASI by Dr Matthew Berry, a well-known Australian professor and researched in the field of Addiction.

OASI Foundation services extend also to Immediate Intervention which assisted 45 persons ranging from persons needing treatment, couples or family situations needing coaching, youths needing support to cope with personal crises and also smoking cessation. A very important contribution to the Foundation is that given by the Group of Volunteers including 20 regular members besides several others who assists in fund raising activities spread over the whole year.

During the AGM held last Sunday 19th March, the Directors while they updated the members on list of activities held during 2016, they informed of other projects in the pipeline for the Foundation in the near future. The AGM ended with the Director General expressing his appreciation, and that of the other members on the Board, to all the staff team, volunteers, members and benefactors. Further information is available on the Annual Report 2016 on the OASI Website, the news section in the OASI.kom magazine and the social network through OASI website and Facebook.

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