Partit Demokratiku encourages dialogue with doctors

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Partit Demokratiku encourages dialogue with doctors“Public services must be managed with diligence and consideration. It is critical that these principles are applied to our health service,” Partit Demokratiku said in a statement today.

PD said that it believes in a patient-centred health system where government, health professionals and all other stakeholders work together to create and implement health policy which has the patient, not profit, at its centre. “PD believes that health policy should be based on robust scientific evidence: health care provision is not a joke.”

It added that it is concerned about the situation surrounding an industrial dispute registered earlier this week by the doctors’ union (MAM). “Malta’s doctors feel like they have not been kept in the loop about drastic changes to the healthcare system, so much so that they have began to talk about industrial action.”

“MAM raised concerns about lack of transparency regarding hospital contracts, potential violations of collective agreements and about the potentially negative effects privatisation might have on health in Malta. PD shares those concerns,” it said.

PD went on to say that it sincerely urges the Prime Minister and Minister for Health “to have the good sense to engage in dialogue with MAM and all other stakeholders whose voices may also have been neglected.”

“All disagreements can be resolved by dialogue, but only if all involved are prepared to listen and to comprehend what each other is saying. For the good of Malta’s patients: engage in dialogue.”

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