Science in the Citadel: A one-day science extravaganza

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Science in the Citadel: A one-day science extravaganzaScience in the Citadel – is a one-day science extravaganza, taking place next month within the historic walls of the atmospheric Cittadella in Victoria.

Organised by Cafe Scientific in association with EcoGozo, Esplora and the Malta Chamber of Scientists, they are aiming to provide a fun and stimulating experience for visitors of all ages in order to get people talking about science, engaging with its many strands and appreciating the breadth of research, creativity and innovation taking place on the Maltese islands.

Although it is modelled on the annual Science in the City, held in Valletta every September, the organisers said that this day will be firmly Gozitan in flavour, with displays relevant to our lives here, including items on the island’s biodiversity, geology, agriculture, seas and skies as well as items highlighting the science and engineering inherent in the Citadel itself and its museums.

The interactive Science Trail will take visitors around most of the features and spectacular vistas of the fortress effortlessly blending the past with the leading edge science and technology of the future, demonstrating how “science is, and always has been, relevant to our daily lives.”

Another feature will be at the Citadel Cultural Centre Board Room, which will be given over to a series of fascinating science shows, workshops and demonstrations.

For the children, Esplora will be performing their Bubbles shows followed by tinkering workshops all morning, whilst -Kids Dig Science – will be unveiling a science puppet show and holding workshops on forces in the afternoon.

For adults and older children in the evening, the Department of Physics and Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy at Malta University will be giving a demonstration of the radio telescope antenna transmission of SKA, the international effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope. And Cinexjenza will be showing the first Maltese airing of a new film about our ocean.

The Gozo Nature Museum will host speakers on the native flowers of Gozo, the Yelkouan Shearwater birds and why Geology really matters, whilst the Gozo Archaeology Museum will be covering the chemical transformation from clay to pottery.

Meanwhile The Story of Honey will unfold in Gran Castello Historic House, surrounded by historical artefacts from a rural past and the Police Foresnic Laboratory will be showing how Science helps to catch a criminal today in The Old Prison.

Science in the Citadel, is taking place on Saturday, the 22nd of April, from 9am to 9pm. Updates and further information can be found on their facebook page.

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