San Lawrenz Council looks at the way forward for Dwejra

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San Lawrenz Council looks at the way forward for DwejraThe San Lawrenz Local Council has issued a statement this evening regarding the way forward following the collapse of the Azure Window in Dwejra.

The Council said that in view of the recent natural phenomenon which altered the landscape of the locality of San Lawrenz and of the island of Gozo with the collapse of the Azure Window, it would like to thank the numerous number of locals and foreigners who expressed their sorrow as a result of this loss.

The Council also emphasised the rich environmental and cultural potential of the whole Dwejra site and reiterated that the importance of the Azure Window was not as a structure in isolation, but its being part of a wider context.

“It encompasses a variety of geological characteristics both above and below sea level, a natural environment enriched by numerous species of flora and fauna which are unique to our islands and a — – – spectacular coastline displaying different rock formations.”

The Council said that the “natural process we have just experienced, presents society at large with the challenge to unite and safeguard our natural heritage which not only adorns our islands but offers us the required potential to entice others to visit us.”

It also encouraged the Government “not to linger in taking all necessary steps to put in place a serious management plan for the whole Dwejra site and to compliment this with providing the Local Council and other competent authorities with the required finances and legislative tools to implement it.”

Finally, the San Lawrenz Local Council pledged that it will be “intensifying it’s efforts and initiatives, in tandem with the authorities concerned to continue giving Dwejra the serious and professional attention it is due.”

Photograph of Fungus Rock by San Lawrenz Local Council

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    1. george palmer says:

      Ok then, ban all hunting and trapping in the entire San Lawrenz area because people will now visit Azure Window 2 and that is a hell hole of hunting hives and illegality. Nothing is more guaranteed to deter tourists than the illegality and bird destruction that goes on in that area alone. It is like murder central down there. Disgusting. (An ex Gharb resident).

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