Liquigas urges customers to check cylinders for its branded seal

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Liquigas urges customers to check cylinders for its branded sealLiquigas has said that the illegal filling of its green cylinders continues unabated even after the company had brought this abuse to the attention of authorities and the police over three years ago, it said.

“The latest evidence of this abuse was discovered by Liquigas after a number of its green cylinders were filled and distributed by its competitor with a type of green seal that is not used by Liquigas, clearly indicating that these cylinders were not filled by Liquigas at its Benghajsa facility.”

Liquigas said that it has reported this abuse to the Regulator of Energy and Water Services (REWS) and informed the regulator that it cannot take responsibility for any consequence arising from these illegally filled cylinders.

“Liquigas has also urged the authority to protect the interests of the consumer by taking the necessary action to stop this abuse,” the company said.

Dr Roberto Capelluto, Liquigas’ CEO, said, “we expect the authorities to take effective action to protect the interests of Liquigas and also the interests of the end consumer. This is a serious matter, and it should be dealt with immediately especially when there is ample proof of who is behind this illegal activity.”

“On the other hand, Liquigas is doing its part. Last October, in an effort to limit significantly the abusive filling of its cylinders by others, it introduced new heat shrink seals on all its green and yellow gas cylinders. This forms part of Liquigas’ ongoing commitment to ensure safety, quality and best service to its customers in Malta and Gozo,” he said.

Liquigas said that it is hoping that the authorities take action to stop this ongoing abuse, “customers are being urged to check that the cylinders they are receiving have a Liquigas-branded seal as seen in the attached picture. The Liquigas seal is distinct and can easily be recognised by all.”

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