How we can look back on the Azure Window – Readers Letter

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How we can look back on the Azure Window - Readers Letter“I guess the Council of San Lawrenz will remember this day as one of the saddest days for the disappearance of the Azure Window. It was something expected to happen. We only hoped that it would have happened later.

I suggest to the Council that they should erect a scope from which one could look into, like the binoculars telescopes there are in Xaghra Temples and in many other places. Now you ask and what should we look at?

Well, I said a scope and not a telescope. You will look into the two lenses like looking in a Binoculars and inside there will be a slide of the window as it was, ‘whole’ and the tourists could have a glimpse of how it was before.

Another way to show the window is with an app. One can download the App and at various places, the ground will be marked as app spots and you can see the window on your phone and can take photos of your models (people) as if the window is still erect and well.

If my memory serves me well a couple of years ago two Maltese University students had created such an App (only more complicated) where you go to a city like Rome and you will be able to see the outline of the buildings with directions and so on. Having WiFi in Dwejra, I believe that this would be possible.

Expressing my sadness for today’s loss.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photograph of the Azure Window just a few days ago by Alain Salvary

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    5 Responses

    1. James Duxbury. says:

      the company ” rawlbolt ” could have fixed this , i am sure the E.U. would have found the funds . shame .

    2. sol says:

      I am actually really really sad… I just came back from Malta on monday and on saturday I was at the azur window… such a beautiful place!
      Weird that it is gone now…
      Greetings to gozo with its wonderful people!

    3. Jake says:

      Yes James, perhaps Rawlbolt could have fixed this. If only…

    4. Nigel Goodman says:

      So sad. A great loss to Gozo. A beautiful place despite all the efforts Game of Thrones made to flatten the area. Many visits to Gozo and always went there. Greetings to all Gozo titans.

    5. Better Gozo. says:

      Its all the due to our negligent politicians and now all the sudden Gozo is on the map again for them with promises and hot air only.

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