Political reform is needed, now – Partit Demokratiku

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Political reform is needed, now - Partit DemokratikuPartit Demokratiku has called for amendments in the party financing law which states that it is up to the Minister to establish regulations by which the reports are made available to the public.

PD said that it disagrees that information with regards to donations made to political parties, members of parliaments, and candidates are stored and left up to the discretion of the Minister of the day to be made public.

“The public has the right to know from whom their political parties, members of parliaments and candidates are receiving funds. This information should be in the public domain rather than kept for mudslinging purposes.”

Partit Demokratiku added that it also believes that commercial transactions made to companies that are fully owned by political parties or in which political parties have a shareholding should also be made available to the public and should be regulated under party financing law.

“Malta cannot afford that its members of parliament, political parties and candidates take the honest tax payers for a ride. Pre-made electoral deals, donations in kind and situations which arise out of conflict of interest are hindering our politicians from doing their job, that is representing the people who voted them in,” it said.

Partit Demokratiku concluded by saying that it believes in good governance and that proper checks and balances should be in place to prevent political parties, candidates and members of parliament from colluding with private interest. “In a normal functioning democracy, the public have the right to know from where the money is coming from.”

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