Warfarin testing at home for the elderly? – Readers Letter

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Warfarin testing available at home for the elderly? - Readers Letter“Gozo Hospital, do you thing it will be a good idea to send a nurse to take blood for warfarin testing from old people in there own home like they do in the UK, instead of them going to the hospital every time?

Then they will receive a card by post to let them know how many tablets to take and the date of the nurse’s next visit.

It’s a good idea, saving older people travelling backwards and forwards to hospital all the time.”

Miriam Mcelwee,


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    9 Responses

    1. Ian Hazelton says:

      Seems to make very good sense to me , as not only would this save the hassle of travelling ,difficult perhaps for the very elderly, but it would rule out the possible medical risks in taking the journey.

      • Miriam says:

        Thank you for your answer I do hope a lot of other people will agree with me so something gets done about this

    2. Ian Hazelton says:

      Maybe this will happen, Miriam .. it really would be a good plan to have a “roving” nurse for these matters.

    3. Jurgen says:

      Yes it makes sense to me and many other warfarin users that are unable to make the journey and wait in the corridors for period of time waiting to be called, I hope the Gozo hospital management will read these feedbacks and act accordingly

    4. Miriam says:

      Thank you all the people that agree with me we can do with more people agreeing so they can do something asap

    5. Miriam says:

      I would like to appeal again to Mr Anton Refalo the Minister of
      Gozo to see if he can help in this matter about warfrine I phoned his sec awaiting a phone call from Mr Refalo to see what he can do for the old people

    6. Miriam says:

      Mr REFALO can you please help in this matter about WARFRINE as this is URGENT to help these people

    7. Miriam says:

      No answer from anybody about this

      • Joseph Mizzi says:

        I use to take warfarin but ten years ago i started to take tablets called (PRADAXA) they are very good ,no need to run to the doctor every fortnight for blood check up ..

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