Drive-in movie night for Valentine’s in Gozo

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Valentine’s in Gozo - Drive in movie nightEnjoy a romantic Valentine’s Saturday evening in Gozo by visiting a ‘Drive-In’ movie theatre. The Ministry for Gozo is presenting a Valentine’s drive-in movie night: Back in time with love.

Guests will enjoy the nostalgia of a drive-in, while enjoying two highly rated movies: Enchanted (Rated PG – starts 8.00pm) or/and Valentine’s Day (Rated PG13 – starts 10.00pm).

The movies will be screened at the Leli Farrugia Football Ground (next to main car park/Victoria bus terminal) on a big screen that will be specially set up for the night.

It’s not just a night at the movies, it is an event with romance in mind, so don’t miss it, Saturday, the 11th of February

The event is free of charge.

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    2 Responses

    1. anthony zammit says:

      I like the idea, but one can not call it Nostalgia because there are no speakers hooked on in the window and there will not be bunny ladies on roller skates serving Coke and hot dogs. Yet I wish I was there to see it and remember the times I went to such shows in Canada. Well done Ministry

    2. James Duxbury. says:

      go ahead gozo . i wont be back in time . enjoy

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