Gozo Live/Gozo College Creative Writing Competition 2017

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Gozo Live/Gozo College Creative Writing Competition 2017All school students in Gozo are eligible to enter the Gozo Live/Gozo College Creative Writing Competition.

Students are challenged to exercise their imaginative abilities and produce a short story, an essay or a poem on the theme of travel/transport.

The organisers said that because this is a creative challenge they are looking the widest and most original interpretations of this theme. “Students are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.”

Sponsorship has been received and there will be cash prizes as well as book prizes.

Entries can be emailed to gozolive2018@gmail.com by no later than the 31st of March, but early entries are most welcome. If you would like the detailed rules please email Gozo Live.

It is essential that each entry contains the name, age and contact email of the student as well as the school attended.

An award event will be held in May or June when prize winners will be announced and prizes given out.

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    1 Response

    1. anthony zammit says:

      iT ISN’T FAIR that it is only open for students. We too were students once but because it has been many years gone by, that doesn’t mean we will not love to write and fire our imagination! If you think that we are pros because we are adults then you can reserve a section for us, but give us a chance to participate so that we feel included, so that we feel alive. A merit is enough we do not need cash prizes.

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