Farewell & thank you evening for Gozo Rocks clean-up volunteers

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Farewell & thank you evening for Gozo Rocks clean-up volunteersReaders Letter: “Hello Friends 30 seconds of your time, It’s been a while. I’ve had a lot going on for 2016 and being in US. I had a lot to think about. Sorry to say that my family and I decided to leave Gozo and stay in New York.

We had an amazing time and have enjoyed our life in Gozo and there are a lot of people we will miss. Gozo Greyhounds was into helping out kids in sports & health.

We tried to form a running & cycling club for kids & grown-ups. I had an amazing time with the kids and was so impressed with their efforts; what a great time I had with them. We tried to give 100% with everything for the kids and grown-ups but with the grown-up it was not working out.

Yes, we had good results in 2016 with Malta Cycling Federation with the grown-ups but the Gozo Cyclists did not like the name of the club, the clothing I designed and they didn’t help out with the kids on the bike rides. I really wanted to form a mentoring relationship between the young cyclists and the older, more experienced riders.

The club went through a lot with the MAAA, Malta Sports and the triathlon federation to get official affiliation. What a hassle I went through and as of today, 6 years later, we still don’t have affiliation.

We tried to get funds from EU and filed applications with so much work involved and nothing worked. It is very discouraging so Gozo Greyhounds are closing and stopping what we have been doing for the last 6 years.

I would like to thank the Eco-Gozo and the Minister for Gozo for helping us with the clean-ups for 2016.

Please come and join us: Gozo Greyhounds Sports Club are inviting everyone who came to help out on the Gozo Rocks Clean & Green Hikes from all countries and kids with parents please, to “D’Bar Restaurant” for a pizza and drinks, on Wednesday the 28th at 5:00pm.

So please let us know if you will joining us by Friday the 23rd through the facebook page so we can make arrangements it cost you nothing. On behalf the Gozo Greyhounds & Gozo Rocks we thank you and God help you all.”

Louis Debattista,

Gozo Greyhounds Sports Club

Gozo Rocks Clean & Green Hikes

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    3 Responses

    1. Martha says:

      Louis Many thanks for your farewell letter & all the hard work you and the Kids have done for Gozo.i know that Gozo will not be the same without all your hard work & effort the kids and grownups that participated and given their free time to clean up Dirty Gozo as one tourist put it the other day. i think really you have done the right decision to stay in NY not only for yourself but mainly for the kids, we know that there is nothing here for the youngsters as most are leaving anyway to pastures new, now with Brexit., we are seeing many of our friends packing up & leaving the island.including my wife and I. All i can say is thank you again for your friendship you shown to many expats and locals alike and the best to you and your family in the States. Good Luck

      • Gozo Proud? says:

        Thank you and yes I was getting very tired from trying so hard. The meetings, go to Malta few time and talk about help from EU and file applications, with Malta Sport to help me out and other Federations. what a hassles. Malta Cycling Federation was the only good and hassles. 21/2 years Voluntary PE in Qala school one day a week from 8:30 to 2:15 to help this kids to stay healthy. I was trying to get the education in schools where my wife & I had meetings few times with all the head of school and talk about to help out about the clean up hikes and to keep kids active and on and on. but at the end nothing waist of time. You get to a point where you say to sad to see this kids want to be active and alive but then screw it all because the grown-ups are the one screwing things up. Take care

      • Cm says:

        Has Brexit started to effect people already?

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