Students complain about “lack of space” at MCAST Institute

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Students complain about "lack of space" at MCAST InstituteThe Gozo University Group said that it has been approached by various students attending the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, regarding some issues “which need to be addressed.”

In a statement today, GUG said that it was told that “space has become a major issue at MCAST as there is simply not enough space for the number of students attending the Institution and the amount of lectures that need to be held every day.”

“Some lectures have been cancelled simply because the are no rooms available and it has also been the case where two lectures are assigned the same room at the same hour. In addition to this, most of the time chairs have to be borrowed from other lecture rooms, as there would not be enough for everyone to be seated during a lecture,” GUG said.

“Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.” GUG added, “students attending MCAST also voiced their thoughts about the size of the library which is smaller than most classrooms and with only three computers installed, a significantly poor number when compared to the number of students attending MCAST.”

GUG concluded by saying that “complaints were also made on the lack of working space whereby it was brought to its attention that students have started meeting up in the corridors to carry out group work. There is no appropriate area for students to spend their free lessons/break therefore are left with the only option of leaving the premises.”

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