Please help over 1500 children make their Christmas dreams come true

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Please help over 1500 children make their Christmas Dreams come trueFor the 4th consecutive year Children's Dreams has been launched and already over 25% of the dreams have been fulfilled.

Christmas for children is about presents, Christmas trees, decorations, family lunches, sweets, and happiness. Not all children however share this reality.

Agenzija Appogg's Social Workers follow children who live in difficult situations, financial challenges, emotional difficulties and traumas.

Now thanks to the Children's Dreams project, these children will have the opportunity to receive a gift for Christmas, just as they always dreamt. All dreams are published on the website.

This year there are over 1500 children's dreams that vary from books to laptop/tablets for children wishing to further their studies, from toys to vouchers for clothes, from theatre to cinema tickets. There are also some children who listed their biggest wish with the aim of having a better future.

The sponsors will then choose any dream they wish to fulfil. Once Agenzija Appogg receives the gift from the sponsors, this will then be given to the children's carers, who in return will give it to the children on Christmas Day.

Children's Dreams follows a similar project in Lithuania, which has been running successfully for seven consecutive years. Lina Pecorella has brought this idea over to Malta and is coordinating this project in partnership with Agenzija Appogg.

The details of the sponsors will only be provided to the Social Workers responsible, who would then get in touch with the sponsor by email or telephone. The names of the children have been changed to protect them. Confidentiality will be respected to protect all persons concerned.

For those who would like to contribute by spreading the word, please do so! The aim is to spread the word out there and really fulfil every vulnerable child's dream.

The project also has its own Facebook page Please help the organisers make these children's Christmas brighter this year.

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