Dangerous potholes in roads around Qala – Readers Letter

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Dangerous potholes in roads around Qala - Readers Letter"We reside in Qala, I must comment at this stage that in Qala, bottom of Ta' Cini Street, leading down the hill towards Dahlet Qorrot and Nadur, is very badly damaged, due to the heavy rains I presume.

Needless to say turning right towards Dahlet Qorrot is diabolical, the potholes at this moment in time are dangerous, not to mention the damage I sustain to the car every time we drive around the area to the bottom of Dahlet, retuning back to Ta' Cini Street uphill is even worse.Dangerous potholes in roads around Qala - Readers LetterWhat we would like to know, since we pay road tax in your country, is when are these roads going to be repaired? One particular area has been in a bad state for months on end, with a hole as big as the black hole of Calcutta.I believe the situation has been reported by residents to Qala Local Council, but to no avail. Dangerous potholes in roads around Qala - Readers LetterWhat I would really like to know now is how can I put in a claim without having to seek legal advice for the damage to my practically new vehicle caused by the very bad and dangerous roads in that area?Dangerous potholes in roads around Qala - Readers LetterOne final remark – feedback from various tourists about another area of Gozo, is that the road in a built up area leading towards the red beach is the same."

Shane Wallace


Photographs supplied by Shane Wallace

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    9 Responses

    1. Krasser says:

      In all fairness Gozo news are doing a great service to the people of Gozo by reporting such stories which happens to be 100% real, i also live in Qala and i know where you are coming from, its n not only dangerous to drivers and particularly to bikers but also a let down to the environment. Gozo happens to be a great little peaceful beautiful green island, this type of negligence mainly by the people responsible to sort out this problem is doing a mis-service not only to the residents but also to the tourist we come across during our rambling days, however at this point *i like to ask* why is it that no local residents report such damage to your Qala Council even though we all pay road tax, is left for Resident- Foreigners to come forward or do things to get done when it is time for an election.

    2. Owen Davies (Wales) says:

      Can anyone tell me if i can put in a damage claim to the Qala Local council, coming up from Dahlet Qorrot the other day i turned right down hill towards Qala, since there was no room to maneuver i happen to hit the deep hole same one as in the picture,consequently the exhaust pipe sustained damage including the manifold which naturally has to be repaired. Not Amused Qala !

    3. M says:

      Its the minister home town,shame shame.

      • Hans says:

        Dear M – I totally disagree with your point.
        If the ministers home town-roads were perfect, and all other Gozo roads had holes like a swiss cheese – that would be shame shame!!

    4. Peter says:

      Dangerous potholes in roads around Qala ??
      Why don’t you come in VICTORIA !!

    5. M says:

      A Frenchman planted flowers that’s nice.

    6. Bobbi Jones says:

      The solution is simple: invite the Pope to Qala, and the roads will all be paved as when he last visited. Why do you think the road to Ta’ Pinu is so well paved?

    7. disgusted I hope they do something says:

      The roads in xewkija Dengerous and dirty with dog poop and disgusted I hope they do something

    8. Eddie Vella says:

      Road leading to mgarr is caving in.
      Never in me life have I driven to Mgarr from Nadur and enjoyed the ride It’s only about 1 mile long!
      A part of Nadur Youngsters football surrounding wall soon cave in
      Pl whoever is responsile get approval for funds and use them soon after.

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