Pinocchio is coming to Gozo in a dance spectacle at the Aurora

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Pinocchio is coming to Gozo with the Johane Casabene Dance ConservatoitrePinocchio – one of the best-known fairy tales is to be retold as a dance spectacle in a production coming to Gozo next month at the Aurora Opera House, Victoria, with the Johane Casabene Dance Conservatoitre.

Director and choreographer Johane Casabene, together with her team of professionals, will deliver a sophisticated version of this tale which will captivate children with stage magic and engage adults with nuanced portrayals of character and conflict.

Collodi, interpreted by actor Charles Sammut, takes the audience on a journey through the many adventures of Pinocchio. From a piece of wood, Geppetto creates Pinocchio, whom he loves as his own son.

Naughty little Pinocchio keeps on running into trouble, he does not listen to the advice of the Cricket. He first meets the Fox and the Cat, two greedy crooks, then Lampwick, the naughtiest boy in class. To top it all, he even picks up the habit of lying!

His lies cannot deceive the Blue Fairy, who makes his nose grow longer as he tells lies. To look for Pinocchio, Geppetto sets out to sea and ends up in the whale's stomach. Will the Blue Fairy come to their rescue? Will Geppetto and Pinocchio reunite in the end? Will Pinocchio learn to be a good boy and son?

This production of Pinocchio is taking place on Saturday, the 19th of November, starting at 8pm.

For ticket information please contact the Aurora Opera House on: +356 21562974, or by email:

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