BirdLife’s calls to suspend season are “extremist” – KSU

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BirdLife's calls to suspend season are "extremist" - KSUKaccaturi San Ubertu (KSU), in a statement this afternoon described "the repeated" calls by BirdLife Malta to suspend the hunting season as "extremist."

It also mentioned their support from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and UN Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh.

KSU referred to an ongoing Council of Europe initiative on the illegal killing of Birds, whereby the "BirdLife partnership" quantified the extent of illegalities per country.

"This proves Malta's government is doing far more to stop illegalities than elsewhere and renders BirdLife Malta's claims insignificant in comparison to other Nations," said the KSU.

"Yet nowhere was there ever an extremist plea to stop or suspend a hunting season or an incessant orchestrated anti-hunting crusade as witnessed in Malta due to BLM's extremism."

"It is inconceivable, when thanks to proper harsh legislation and thorough enforcement that has shown remarkable results, that a sector of society and their obliging partners call for undemocratic and illegal means to solve the remaining small problem," the hunters' association said.

"It is nothing short of shameful for UN patron Lewis Pugh to throw scorn on Malta knowing he failed to use his influence to stop unabated massacres of unimaginable scale in other UN member states such as Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere. Clearly with disastrous results in protecting our seas he must be seeking fame elsewhere," stated the association.

It added, "indeed it is a perfect case of only in Malta where anyone opposing hunting teams up and arrogantly believes they can dictate remedies for a worldwide problem to be implemented only in Malta."

KSU said, "the harm done to Malta's reputation and its main economic sectors by these abolitionist and extremist ideals is immeasurable when compared to the few remaining hunting illegalities."

KSU concluded by saying that "whilst strongly condemning BLM's extremism and that of its puppets KSU laud the good work done by the enforcement authorities, internationally recognised as the example others should follow, and congratulate the absolute majority of hunters for their exemplary behaviour and cooperation in weeding out law breakers."

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    1. sonia haines says:

      The harm done to Malta’s reputation is all yours. With sickening regularity every time the hunting season opens we know there will be more protected birds shot. It just goes on and on.

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