Planning Board revokes 10 fish farm development permits

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Planning Board revokes 10 fish farm development permitsThe Planning Board has unanimously revoked 10 fish farm development permits, which it said, "have over the past months and years been operating in breach of planning conditions to the detriment of the environment and negatively impacting the coastal bathing water, that are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike."

The fish farms located in the north part of the island, close to Comino and is-Sikka l-Bajda, off San Pawl il-Bahar and another two are located off the Marsaxlokk area have up until 31st December 2016, to completely relocate their tuna structures and operations to the approved aquaculture zone in the south of Malta.

Each tuna fish farm operator, namely Fish&Fish Ltd, Malta Fish Farming Ltd, AJD Tuna Ltd and Malta Mariculture Ltd presented the Authority with a declaration with the specific timeframe on how and when, over the coming weeks, they will be removing not only those illegalities concerning the fish farming of tuna but any other fish species that are breed within these fish farms.

The Planning Authority said that it reserves the right to proceed with direct action should the operators not adhere to specifications outlined in the respective declarations made with the Authority.

Last month, the operators of four tuna fish farms were served with an emergency enforcement order after the Environment and Resources Authority had informed the Planning Authority that the operations of the respective tuna farms were damaging the environment.

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