Over 200 Gozitan children participate in Talenti+ & 4Kids programmes

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Over 200 Gozitan children participate in Talenti+ and 4Kids programmes"When we started the programme in July for children – Talenti+ and 4Kids – we believed that it would attract a large number of children with different abilities. Today we can confirm that the initiative attracted over two hundred children from all over Gozo who have trained and had quality time, whether the children were disabled or not."

So said Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing Justyne Caruana, who today concluded two extracurricular summer programmes for children in Gozo.

She said that besides the concept of teamwork, the children welcomed the company of their friends and peers with disabilities. "It was a valuable experience for young children, who were not only trained in all aspects of acceptance and inclusiveness, but can now also go forward in an environment that continues to help form a new generation recognising that society is fair, that there is a place for everyone in a spirit of equality, said Dr Caruana.

On Talents + Parliamentary Secretary Caruana said that this is the second year that the Secretariat had participated in this programme, following on from the pilot project last year which involved children and the elderly. Over 200 Gozitan children participate in Talenti+ and 4Kids programmesThis year the theme of Talentsi+ was `Children are all Beautiful,' where the children had a training programme formulated according to age and ended the with an artistic production, which they performed themselves and represented the reality of children with different disabilities, carrying a strong message in favour of inclusion.

The programme 4 KIDS was a training programme for children in primary schools, intended for children between 5 and 10 years, and continued with the curriculum of the year in subjects such as Maltese, English, Mathematics and Social Studies, through the use of computers. This course was carried out by TCTC and was also open to children with disabilities,with a support and assistance service according to the needs of children during the sessions.

"Having our children grow in a spirit to accept diversity is the most positive step at a young age to help them accept their peers as equal and learn to work together." Dr Caruana said.

She also stressed that we must continue to instill in children a sense of diversity and acceptance so that from an early age we can help them learn the strong values of inclusion, equality and solidarity.

Dr Caruana thanked the teachers and all organisers for their commitment with the children over the summer.

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