Local plan partial review for new Victoria Primary school site in Gozo

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Local plan partial review for new Victoria Primary school site in GozoThe Government has directed the Planning Authority to carry out a local plan partial review for a site in the centre of Victoria for a new primary school.

The Government said that this partial review is being carried out in view of the need "to provide modern education facilities by replacing the existing school known as Tal-Vajringa with a new primary school in Victoria, Gozo."

The area indicated is that of the playing field, which is still undergoing an upgrade for a new children's play area. The football ground, used by the three clubs in Victoria – Victoria Hotspurs, Oratory Youths and SK Victoria Wanderers, for their nurseries, they also collect revenue for parking in the ground. The Victoria Bus Terminus and main parking area are also highlighted.

According to Opposition spokesperson Dr Chris Said, in a post on his facebook page, he has said that the aim now is to build a new primary school on part of the playing field.

The Authority has published, for public consultation, the proposed objectives which will guide the formulation of the reviewed policies.

The map indicating the site area which will be effected is shown above.

The proposed objectives include:

• To review the land designations in the 2011 Local Plan to enable the construction of a primary school;

• To set out a policy framework to guide the development of the land in question which will seek to provide a modern educational facility;

• To ensure provision of sports and recreation facilities for the public;

• To protect the context and the general environment.

Individuals and organisations are invited to send their initial submissions pertaining to these objectives. Representations are to be made in writing and sent through email address: gclp.review©pa.org.mt

Submissions should reach the Authority by Monday, the 12th of September 2016 .

The Gozo and Comino Local Plan currently in force is available here.

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    3 Responses

    1. Dave says:

      Are they going to remove all the parking in Victoria?

    2. sonia haines says:

      It would be madness to build yet another school in Victoria. Bringing more cars in will add to the existing congestion morning and afternoon, not to mention exacerbating the parking problems.

    3. Tony Formosa says:

      Why not invest in a parking lot like the one in Valletta. That old football field behind Duke’s is the perfect location for it.

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