Gozo to get new law courts and underground multi-storey car park

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Gozo to get new law courts and underground multi-storey car parkThe Island of Gozo is to have new law courts after the Planning Commission granted development permission which will include a multi-storey car park for the public.

The approval by the Planning Authority of this development application will now facilitate the process for the eventually relocation of the law courts currently stationed within the Cittadella to a more accessible and appropriate place.Gozo to get new law courts and underground multi-storey car parkThe Planning Authority, in a statement this afternoon said that the new law courts building which will become a landmark architectural feature within an extensive public plaza, will be built in close proximity of the town centre of Victoria. The approved building will be accessible to all.

The project will also include the construction of six levels of parking under the building, of which the first basement level will include 54 car parking spaces dedicated to the magistrates, personnel and staff for the operation of the law courts building while the remaining five levels will accommodate a further 441 car parking spaces for the public.Gozo to get new law courts and underground multi-storey car parkA site selection exercise was carried out as part of the planning process, which included the possible upgrading and refurbishment of the existing law court building, the Authority said.

The Planning Authority said that the exercise assessed variables which included the location, environmental impacts, landscape and visual impacts, social impacts, technical and operational considerations, economic impacts and transport.

Speaking last week about the new site for the Gozo court, the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo, said that the court will be in a more convenient and modern location.

The identified site for the new court is the parking area between Triq Borg Olivier and Triq Guzeppi Labre. Dr Refalo said that it is estimated that this project will cost around € 5 million.

Photographs show artist's impression of the front and side elevation of the new Gozo court building and below, the site of the court.

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    7 Responses

    1. Gideon Woodside says:

      The old courthouse needs replacing, that is a given. It is run down, almost inaccessible and just not up to modern needs. I firmly believe that there is a place for good modern design to complement existing historic surroundings and even make a statement as to how architecture in any situation has evolved. But I honestly don’t know what to say about this.

    2. David RR says:

      Unusual to design a building and then try to find a setting for it.

    3. Gina says:

      it looks ugly the new one not in style of Gozo at all looks crazy hehehe …public courtyard !! who wants to hang about a court yard people usually want to get in and get out as quick as possible ?? A simple building would have been fine something Rural style not all that scribbling !!! Car park is a must ……

      • Peter says:

        Gina a Rural style in Victoria ??
        Many of the old important buildings in Victoria are not rural style but baroque style.

    4. myrism says:

      My complaint is about the cutting of electricty in the uk if electric is cut off for more than 1 hour they give you compansation for householders and shops ARMSShould do that or take money off the bills today the electric was off from 8 am till 3.30 this hot weather too what about the sick people at home its too hot for them wish they do something about this cuting of electric

    5. myrism says:

      When are they going to put down speed limits on gozo roads they are needed urgently as they goes too fast car and lorries someone is going to get killed shortly

    6. Joseph xerri says:

      Cops in gozo looks like boy scouts

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