The Hondoq Project – Don’t allow it to be the death knell for Gozo

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The Hondoq Project - Don't allow it to be the death knell for GozoIt was with great interest that I read that Mepa recently issued their long awaited Development Planning Application Report (DPAR), recommending refusal of the proposed development at Hondoq.

Does this actually mean anything?

Are the MEPA Board Members finally going to show some guts and stick to their guns and refuse this appalling attempt to allow yet more precious countryside to be destroyed?

Why don't they face up to the face that the only people who wish to see Hondoq turned into another stinky marina are the developers who are only interested in making a quick buck to line their offshore tax-free havens!

Has MEPA actually gone into the boring nitty-gritty of what hundreds of new properties there will result in? Here are a couple of unpleasant side-effects:

For a start I am talking about huge amounts of sewage that will be generated – it is a long way to pump it to the only sewage/wastewater plant on the island. Judging by the numerous warnings issued not to swim in the sea below this facility it seems that it is barely coping with the present situation!

Or, that the added pollution to the area caused by marine traffic would be disastrous – can you just imagine dozens of boats emptying there sewage tanks in the (no longer) pristine water, like they do in the Blue Lagoon? Swimming in Hondoq would be a thing of the past!

The additional traffic generated would make it a nightmare to live anywhere in or en route to Qala – the situation is already bad with the hundreds of quarry trucks polluting the air with their fumes and dust.

I have lost count of how many letters I personally have written regarding the proposed destruction of Hondoq ir Rummien over the years, such as – The death knell for Gozo, or the Hondoq-ir-Rummien Project. Add to that the objections written by the numerous other people who love and care for Hondoq and it must amount to thousands!

Why doesn't anyone listen to us?

Why doesn't MEPA and its affiliated departments of lame ducks face up to the fact this area should be protected? We have thousands of empty and unfinished apartments on the island – look at Fort Chambray, look at all the shells in Xlendi and Marsalforn and in all the inland villages. At present, and in the foreseeable future, the island does not need more tourist accommodation.

I fully agree that Hondoq and its environs need a lot of attention, rehabilitation and cleaning up, but if the area were to be turned into a nature reserve this could easily be achieved with good planning. Perhaps through a National Heritage sponsorship scheme, like they do in many other countries. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I would sincerely like to take this opportunity to ask the MEPA Board Members to do what is right and vote against the development.


Lesley Gail Kreupl

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    6 Responses

    1. Peter Paul says:

      Hondoq needs to be saved Sincerly hope that Mepa board sees the light and follow mepa`s recomendations Good luck

    2. Rosie says:

      What exactly is Mepa recommending for Hondoq. proper car park clean beach area, no speedboats etc etc etc

      • Jason says:

        Mepa is proposing that that area will return to the local community from what I can understand. that is refusal to the application

      • Dave says:

        On occasions when we come to Gozo we always take a trip to Hondoq, unfortunately we find the area rather dirty and untidy beaches full of rabble and stones, no room to park, no decent restaurants except for one tiny kiosk that is rather over the top prices compared with other kiosks in Gozo/Malta, speed boats that need to be regulated i believe an Englishman was killed in the area a few months back. What Hondoq needs is an uplift, a nice boat marina and more restaurants and a widen beech, maybe also a lidl supermarket a the very top by the quarry.Its just our opinion as outsiders from the UK and the main island.but then again its not my country just a feed back as compared with tax-xbiex and others in Malta where the standard is much higher then Gozo.

    3. Steve kay says:

      Well said. Leave hondoq alone. It’s places like hondoq that bring tourist to the island. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you I say

      • Dan w says:

        I have to agree, it is the natural beauty that sees us return to this amazing island. Leave the commercialisation to Malta – Gozo is unique, it’s charms cannot be replaced by needless infrastructure.

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