Search for missing British diver is suspended

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Xatt l-AhmarThe search for a British diver missing off Xatt l-Ahmar since Monday morning has been suspended, the Armed Forces of Malta have said.

“Due to the amount of loose debris currently present in the wreck it was concluded that the chamber where the missing diver entered was unsafe for rescuers and divers alike. The search was therefore suspended,” the AFM said.

The diver, who has been named as Paul Swain, failed to surface after diving down to the wreck of the former Gozo ferry Xlendi, which is at a depth of some 45 metres and lies upside down.

Divers from the AFM, the Civil Protection Department and volunteer divers have conducted an intensive search of the wreck and the surrounding area over the last three days, sadly with no results.

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    3 Responses

    1. Anne Gudgion says:

      After hearing about the accident in Gozo and the loss of Paul Swain, He was agreat person to dive with, had on many occasions dove with Paul while in the same club in Peterlee, He will be missed agreat deal my sympany to his family , Anne Gudgion , Now in Mallorca ,

    2. Anon. says:

      Absolutely devasting news, Paul was an amazing person.
      My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    3. Paul Durkin says:

      Having dived with Paul over many in the past, he was an experienced diver with the same inquisitive curiosity we all possess to explore the unknown, we all have our pub stories and unfortunately Paul is now one of them, So raise a glass and say farewell,regardless of the good times and the bad times the memories are always happy ones. For those who remenber when Ritchies car broke down coming back from Largs on the M8 and Paul had to drive back from Hartlepool to collect the boat as we sat in the pub for 12 hours waiting for him, brings a tear of laughter to my eyes even now. Will be sadly missed by all who knew him I am sure.

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